We have joined our travelling and hiking experience in a family company which intends to introduce Slovenia in a slightly different way, with emphasis on eco-tourism. We wish to introduce the nature, traditional culture, cuisine and the country with all its wanders to all those who like to be different. To those who wish to go on a journey and hiking without limits and frames.

Our speciality is organization and implementation of ecological trips and hikes for people, who are curious, like sports and nature but don’t have time to travel on their own because of different factors.

Dynamics and flexibility in programmes are our advantages, as it is experience with the help of home view and emphasis on eco-tourism. We offer different adventurous programmes and at the same time give you the possibility to adjust the programme to your own wishes.

Our guides:


He is the co-founder of our company. He is also the person who will show you Slovenia without its disguise. He graduated from European studies and got masters degree from Culturology at Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana University. Besides studying and working he also likes travelling, discovering new things, places and music. He travels around Slovenia with tourist groups and introduces his country in a broader sense. He likes nature, sports, music and literature. Beside that he is an open-minded person and always in a good mood. Nejc is fluent in Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, English and a bit of French. In our company he is in charge of travels, organization and implementation. He is also our contact person. He is a perfect guide to introduce you real Slovenia.


His hiking spirit started to express in his youth. Mountaineering is his lifestyle. He has visited a lot of mountains but the Slovenian highlands have impressed him so much that he keeps coming again, in two ways; as a visitor or as a guide. He loves nature and its animals. Sašo likes visiting far remote mountains, alpine dairies and original farms. Besides hiking he enjoys the adrenaline feeling of boating on two beautiful Slovenian rivers – the Soča and the Sava. He is fluent in Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian, he also speaks a bit of English and Italian. In our company he is responsible for organization and preparation of programmes. He is our mountain guide and also a contact person.