Gore, narava Mesta, kraji Kras, obala
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Trips and sightseeing of towns, landscape and mountains are special and unforgettable.
We travel with organized transport. Installations are checked and cosy. Food is homemade and local. Our programs are unique, quality and are limited by numbers. We introduce you to attractions and secrets of Slovenia. We take in consideration the season of the year, weather and wishes of our guests.
Categorization of transport and installation is mentioned for each program.
You can register through our e-mail info@slovenia-experience.si
Programs are officially implemented through licensed agencies. For our trips applies general terms and conditions of those agencies and the conditions, defined in our programs.

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Slovenian towns are full of history, monuments, churches and museums. Although they are small, you will still find a lot of interesting things which will impress you and maybe become a part of you. Beside quality sightseeing you will also find terrific local cuisine and beverages, another thing which will help you keep Slovenia in a special memory.